Iron Warrior Gym is committed to being the best strength training facility in the Rocky Mountains! We cater to Powerlifters, Olympic Weightlifters, Strong Men and Strong Women at all levels of progression. If you are looking for a gym where members respect the training environment and are dedicated to getting stronger:


Iron Warrior Gym is a 24/7/365 facility maintained by members with common interests, respect for the unique atmosphere we provide and access to the best, no-nonsense strength training facility in the Rockies. With locations in Denver and Grand Junction, we are ready to help you realize your strength training goals.

Respect is a core value at Iron Warrior Gym. We don’t have too many gym rules, primarily because our members demand and expect a respectful environment: respect for other members and guests, for the equipment, and for the journey of getting stronger. If you can handle this, then we welcome you to join us.

We Strongly Encourage and Support All Backgrounds and Skill Levels!


Seth Lee - World Record Holder

Elite Powerlifter, Multiple World Record Holder, Owner and Head Trainer

Seth is the top-ranked lifter in the nation for Single-Ply Masters in the 198 weight class, encompassing all federations. State and National Records holder in a variety of federations. He is also the 2014 Single-Ply national champ in the Open division and #1 in NASA (Masters division). His dedication to become the best was cultivated as a high school All-American wrestler and two-time freestyle/Greco-Roman state champ. After lifting for almost two decades, he has a wealth of real-life experience and seeks trainees with the same amount of dedication and work ethic. Seth thrives on helping people achieve their goals, whether it’s to compete, become stronger, or just get into great shape. He understands the challenges you will likely face, because there’s a good chance that he’s experienced the same thing. Seth recently set three World Records at the IPL Worlds in Vegas

Team Iron Warrior Gym Powerlifting

Team IWG is made up of competitors of all levels-from first timers to Elite record holders. Come be a part of the team. You will be treated with respect and encouragement, guaranteed.