"Awesome lifting gym! Good price, 24/7 access.
Enough racks and benches to actually use, great bumper plates and platforms!"

- Jacob L

"This is a perfect gym if you Powerlift! The owner is a great guy and the people there are really cool. Give it a shot!"

- Aaron G


"Real. Raw. Powerlifting gym."

- Cameron P

"Everyone's been very welcoming and encouraging of me when I signed up for my first meet this upcoming February. If you want a no BS place to push some iron, this is the place to do it. "

- Meg F.


Expertise Top 20 Gyms in Denver

“The owner of Iron Warrior Gym in Denver holds state, national, and world records for weightlifting in several federations. The Denver gym specializes in open lifting and is accessible 24/7 to members.”

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Write up on Elitefts.com

"Iron Warrior Gym Drives Progress Through Competitive Atmosphere"

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