When is the Gym open?

The gym is accessible 24/7/365 for members via their own access code. As long as a member’s monthly account is active, their code will grant them access.

When can I take a tour of the gym?

Tours are available on Saturdays from 12pm - 2pm. Please RSVP if you plan to come by during this time so that we know to expect you - Email your name/number to: Lola@ironwarriorgym.com

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for another time, please email Lola at Lola@ironwarriorgym.com with a few specific days and times that work best for you. Please do not show up without an appointment, as you may be disappointed to find the gym locked.

Who is the typical Iron Warrior Gym Member?

The people that join the gym usually find us while in a state of desperation. Desperate for a place to train that has all the necessary equipment but none of the trappings of other gyms. We’ve had several members state that they were either outright ejected or shunned into leaving by their former gyms-usually for dead-lifting (gasp!), using chalk, or throwing med balls. Some individuals hold a couple different memberships-one to do scheduled workouts at other places that are not available for “open” lifts, and our 24/7 facility. Competitors needing specific equipment are also frequent members. Most people that check out the gym say it is exactly what they’ve been searching for.

Do you offer day passes?

Yes, by appointment only.  $15 per day.  Schedule a day pass online here. Email gym@ironwarriorgym.com with any questions regarding day passes. 

We are now offering day pass punch cards! Purchase 10 drop ins for $12.50 per day or 20 drop ins for $10.00 per day. Click Here to Purchase.

Monthly Memberships are offered at $50 per month.

How much are gym memberships?

I am interested in getting started in power-lifting / strongman / fitness program but have no experience. Am I still able to join?

All levels of experience are encouraged to try out the gym. We have every level of athlete and experience at the gym-from neophyte lifters to accomplished , “Elite,” power-lifting and strongman competitors. Fellow members are quick to lend a spot, answer questions, or offer assistance if asked. However, gym etiquette is respected and encouraged (if someone is in the middle of an exercise or has headphones on wait for an appropriate time.)

I am only in town for a few months / moving / graduating and unsure about future plans….is there a long term contract?

The gym agreement is month to month. We only ask 30 days heads up if your life situation changes or the gym simply is not your speed. Automatic bill pay is your responsibility to terminate should you decide to leave the gym.

What is the gym environment like during different times of day?

Like any gym, the normal “rush” hours (after work) are busier than others-this still does not mean you will be fighting for equipment. The gym members are all very helpful and respectful…if you need a spot ask.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes. Contact Seth for questions regarding training at seth@ironwarriorgym.com. We have a great resource in Pete Emerson (www.nobspt.com) should you require advice or training regarding physical therapy treatment, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.
If you have particular needs, please contact us to discuss.